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Portable Inkjet Printer Gun for Large Character Printing and Coding

Knurled Hand Stamps

Serrated Character Hand Stamps For Cow Hides

Which Steel Hand Stamp is the Right Stamp for You?

Using a Branding Iron: The 5 Things You Need to Know

Permanent Marking on Metal

Hand Stamping Press

Solving Part Identification Challenges

Quick Guide to the Most Popular Marking Methods

How to Print Expiration Dates on Plastic

The Indelible Impact of Steel Hand Stamps: Forging a Mark of Precision

Assa Abloy: Making Their Mark in Architectural Door Accessories

The Evolution of Industrial Marking Solutions: From Hand Stamps to High-Tech Marking Systems

Roll Marking and Roll Marking Tools Explained

Long-Lasting Roll Dies

Product Personalization Guide

Custom Embossing Dies

Puppy Food Packaging Gone to the Dogs

Steel Stamping Dies For Stamping Metal Parts

Different Kinds of Marking Tools Explained

Metal Letter Stamps

Direct Part Marking Custom Ship Drive Shafts with C&C Metals

What is Hot Stamping?

Portable Marking Machine Options

Replacement Metal Type for Packaging Machinery

Quick Guide to Inkjet Coding Machines

Custom Shank Stamps for Pneumatic Impact Press

Quick Guide to Thermal Transfer Printing onto Flexible Packaging

Choosing the Best Package Marking Solution

The Versatility of Steel Hand Stamps

Custom Steel Hand Stamps For Rifles

Steel Stamps for Metal - What to Look For in a Supplier

What's the Difference Between Embossing and Debossing?

Custom Branding Irons and the 5 Keys to Making a Successful Mark

Foster Manufacturing Loves Durable Mecco Steel Stamps

Making a Blacksmith Touchmark

Epoxy Ink: A Guide

Antique Tool Makers Mark Hand Stamps

Steel Touchmark Stamps for Creators, Blacksmiths, and Artists

Permanent Ink Stamp for Plastic

Welders Identification Hand Stamps

Hot Stamping Polypropylene Parts at AFM Engineering

When Perfection is the Standard, Look for Durable Hand Stamps

Different Types of Marking Tools

Custom Hand Stamps

How to Use a Spring-Loaded Center Punch

The Ins and Outs of the Pneumatic Impact Press

Custom Magnesium Hot Stamping Dies

Guide to Choosing Ink for Food Packaging

What is a Hot Stamping Machine?

American Petroleum Institute Quality (APIQ) Hand Stamps

Replacement date coding type for pharmaceutical packaging

Hot Stamping Foil and Ribbons

Marking Brass Tags with an Impact Press

Hot Stamping Date Coding Type for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Custom Metal Stamps

Large Brass Type Sets Create Memorable Impressions

Hand Held Steel Type and Holders to Uniquely Identify Plastic Parts

Brass Printers' Type for Hot Stamping Custom Parts

Long-Lasting Custom Steel Dies

Replacement Metal Type for an Unidentifiable Package Sealer/Coding Machine

Metal Stamps for Stainless Steel

Magnesium Dies and Foil Ribbons for Hot Stamping

Custom Metal Stamps for Knives and Other Craft Metal Items

Deep Steel Stamping For Tough Applications

A Quick Guide to Portable Marking Machines

Personalizing Leather Goods with Brass Printers' Type

Brass Printers' Type for Custom Applications

Package Date Coding

Stamping Press 101

Impact Press Permanently Marks Heat Lot Numbers

Stamping Knife Blades the Right Way

Compatible Coding 3 Ways From Durable Tech

Hilti Marking Characters Steel Type

Hot Stamping Die Design

Metal Stamping Dies For Wood

Custom Steel Hand Stamps For Woodworking Tools

Steel Type Makes a Critical Mark at Pacific World Cosmetics

Custom Metal Stamps for Leather

Hand Held Date Code Printers

Cannabis Industry Packaging, Marking & Coding

Wire Marking and Heat Shrink Sleeving Type

Custom Branding Irons for Rubber

Roll Marking Press Options

Hot Foil Stamping Machine Letters

Steel Stamps for Metal

Custom Branding Irons for Leather Marking

Portable Inkjet Marking Machines

Custom Branding Iron Heads

Date Coders and Date Coding Equipment

Quick Guide to Hot Stamping and Printers' Type

Ink Jet Coding and Marking

Why You Would Use Metal Type and Type Holder vs. Dot Peen

Letter Number Steel Hand Stamps

Pneumatic Press Uses

Portable Metal Marking Machine

Brass Hot Stamping Type

Pneumatic Press Dies

Omega Optical Brass Hot Stamping Type

Hot Stamp Printers Type and Dies for Personalization and Monogramming

Custom Steel Hand Stamps for High-End Furniture

Metal Stamps

When You Need the Best Branding, VisiMark's Hot Stamping Printers Type Delivers

How to Select a Pneumatic Impact Press

Shank Stamp For Tall Pine Forge

The Benefits of Using a Touchmark Stamp

Making a Touchmark

Hand Stamps Used as Welding Inspection Tools

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year

A Quick Guide to Dot Peen Markers

How Do You Select an Impact Press?

How to Hot Stamp with Foil and Ribbons

Guide to Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Quick Guide to Electric Branding Irons

How Steel Hand Stamps Make Customization Affordable

Welcome to the New Durable Industrial Marking Website

The Advantages of Benchtop Dot Peen Marking Systems

Steel Stamps and Holders Explained

Steel Type and Steel Type Holder Options

A Quick Guide to Custom Steel Stamps

Increasing Productivity with a Metal Marking Press

Roll Dies for Eagle Tool Group

Marking Steel Sheets and Bars with Portable Ink Jet Printers

Custom Hand Stamps For Artemas Quibble

Steel Hot Stamp Dies and Branding Dies for Wood Marking

Oowee Products: Custom Hand Stamps For Leather Products

Mustang Motorcycle Products Custom Steel Dies

Looking for Neudecker Manufacturing, Ltd. of Winchester, IN? Durable Technologies Is Here to Help

New Guide to Traditional Industrial Marking

Heavy-Duty Steel Type Holder Applications

Industrial Steel Type: Slotted and Utility Type Explained

Durable Steel Type Applications: Lasting Marks and Dependable Service

Inspection Stamps - Steel

Complete Marking Solutions: Impact Presses, Steel Type and Holders

Buttress Triangle Hand Stamps

Hand held Ink Jet Printers

Custom Dies and Hand Stamps for Marking Blades and Knives

Hot Stamping Leather for the Stars

Custom Jewelry Marking Stamps from Durable Technologies

Customization with Hand Stamps

Metal Marking Tools

Jetstamp Date Coding CPG Products

Custom Stamping Dies: Restoring the Past History of Germany

JetStamp Performs Date Coding for Ingredients Corp of America

Steel Hot Stamping Die Engraving at Jen Manufacturing

Foil Stamping Dies

Custom Engraved Brass Hot Stamping Dies

Custom Steel Stamping Dies to Mark Cutlery

Engraved Steel Type and Holders for Wire Marking

Mobile Dot Peen Marking System

Infinite Series Uses Durable Custom Stamping Dies for Leather

Brass Hot Stamp Logo Printing for Leather

Hevi-Bevl Steel Hand Stamps and the Right Hammer Choice

DuraChrome® Wire Marking Type for Kingsley Wire Markers

Custom Branding Irons

Quality Inspection Stamps

Norwood 39V Steel Type for Hot Stamping

Marking and Coding

Stamp-Rite Steel Stamps Division Acquired by Durable Mecco

Handheld JetStamp Graphic 970 Ink Jet Printer

Steel Stamping Dies for Pullman Balances

Stamps for Knives at Heartwood Forge

Hot Ink Rolls

American Calan Uses Durable Steel Type to Track Cows

Hot Stamping: Branding Irons Explained

Rustick Knives Uses Durable Steel Stamps to Stamp Handmade Knives

Hot Foil Marking

Astron Stamping Stamps with Durable Steel Dies

AKA Bindery Uses Brass Type for Bookbinding

Hot Stamping Brass Type Makes The Best Mark For Kwikprint

Steel Type from Durable Hits the Mark for Packaging Machinery

Custom Stamping Dies For Harsh Environments at GE Energy

Wisconsin Hand Stamps Seals for Weights to Make them Official

Heilind Electronics Uses Brass and Steel Type to Customize Connectors

Quick Guide to Wire Marking Machines

Blacksmith Uses Hand Stamps to Make His Mark

High Quality Steel Dies Make Stamping Easy

Hot Stamping Dies Create Memorable Brands

Metal Stamps vs Steel Type

Steel Hand Stamps Leave a Mark

Custom Faceplates, Nameplates and ID Tags

Rustick Knives uses Durable's Steel Hand Stamps to Make Their Mark

The Right Pneumatic Press Controls

Jetstamp Portable Ink Jet Printer for Package Date Coding

Marking Metal with Steel Stamps and Dies

Hot Stamping Dies Explained: Brass, Steel and Magnesium

Inline Ink Jet Printer Basics

A Durable CNC Marking Solution

How to Hand Stamp Metal

Variations in Character Style for Hand Stamps, Type and Dies

Direct Part Marking Basics

Portable Dot Peen Marking Systems

Hot Stamping Foils Make Decorative Marking Easy

Marking Solutions Fundamentals: Metal Type

A Simpler Marking Solution: The Manual Impact Press

Worcester Telegram Interviews Durable Technologies CEO

Marking Boxes and Bags is Easier with Carton Coders

Numbering Heads Make Repetitive Part Marking Easy

Coil & Spring Manufacturer Uses Steel Type For Product Identification

Helpful Tips for Marking Parts with Steel Hand Stamps

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