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Welders Identification Hand Stamps


Typically used to identify a specific welder and company, welder identification hand stamps need to leave long-lasting, clear marks.

What are Welders Identification Hand Stamps?

welders identification hand stampsWelder identification hand stamps are hand stamps used to identify a specific welder's work. The marks are often made in the field and must stand up to harsh, industrial environments.

The marks must be both easy to make and read because they are typically referenced during inspections.

Hand stamps are an ideal marking solution for this type of mark because they are economical, easy to use, and easily customizable.

Steel Hand Stamps

Steel hand stamps are manufactured from hardened, high-grade tool steel that resists spalling and mushrooming. This is important because the stamps will hold up over time.

Easy to use, steel hand stamps come in a wide range of sizes and character styles. They can also be easily customized for a specific application with trademarks, maker marks, or symbols.

Welders Identification Applications

steel inspection stampsWelders use welder identification hand stamps in all types of industries. However, we recently had an international welding inspection firm reach out to us looking for hand stamps to use as welding inspection tools.

They needed the hand stamps to be low-stress round, full character, and required a large number of them. They required the stamps to mark welded parts with an inspection number and welder ID.

They also needed the stamps to meet specific industry standards, hold up under harsh conditions, and be supplied by a company that could accommodate their needs.

"Durable was the first company to respond to my web inquiry and continued to maintain a high level of productive communication throughout the buying process and made the vendor selection decision easy," states the person responsible for this purchase.

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