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Continuous Ink Jet Printer


Continuous Ink Jet (Small Character Printing)

Our CIJ printers are an extraordinarily reliable, cost-effective, versatile, and easy-to-use line of industrial small-character continuous inkjet printers. Whether you need to print fixed or variable data, 2D data matrix barcodes, expiration dates, alphanumeric text, logos, or other graphics onto rigid, flexible, irregularly shaped, porous, or non-porous substrates, our CIJ printers offer a very economical and dependable solution for your coding application requirements.

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Standard Functions:

  • Easy one-button start-up and shut down
  • Self-cleaning nozzle design
  • Easy user-friendly interface
  • Remote PC control
  • Automatic viscosity control
  • Shift codes, expiration dates, counters, and more
  • 2D data matrix barcodes, logo, and graphics printing
  • Non-stop operation during fluid replenishment

Print Capabilities:

  • Print 1 to 4 lines of text
  • Standard single line – 1,666 characters per second
  • Up to 160m per minute (525 fpm) – Twin line
  • Message height: 1-20mm (.040” - .788”)
  • A variety of nozzles are available
  • Standard fonts include 5*5, 5*7, 7*9, 10*12, 10*16, 16*24

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