Marking Machines

Marking Machines and Marking Systems

Industrial direct part marking continues to grow in popularity and importance. Traceability and part identification are now a part of most product's design from very early stages. Government regulations and industry standards groups dictate part marking requirements in just about every industry globally. 

Durable Technologies' marking machines and marking systems cover the vast majority of direct part marking applications that industrial and manufacturing companies will require.

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Durable Technologies' Direct Part Marking (DPM) machines and marking systems capabilities include:

  • Automotive (AIAG), Aerospace (SPEC2000), Medical, Tooling, Defense (UID), Firearms (ATF), and Pharmaceutical compliant direct part marks.

  • Marking systems to permanently mark a wide variety of product and materials such as, metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, fabrics, rubber, and more.

  • Marking machines for direct part marking on flat, curved, concave, convex, odd shapes, and soft surfaces.

  • Marking machines for automated date codes, serial numbers, text, graphics, logos, and just about any other identification marks on your products.

  • Marking system capability for 2D data matrix, 2D barcodes and other bar codes for item level product traceability.

  • Inline or integrated marking system heads to design and build right into your production line.

Marking Machines

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