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Integrated Dot Peen


    Integrated Inline Dot Peen

    Durable Technologies' integrated marking heads are designed to be used in automated assembly lines or fully-automated production lines.

    These inline dot peen marking units are easily integrated, high performance marking systems are proving to be an invaluable tool for direct part marking in high volume production environments.

    These machines can also be customized for specific applications, with camera-oriented reading systems to deliver a turnkey traceability system for part identification.This technology allows users to permanently mark parts of various shapes and surface conditions (flat, concave, convex, circular, cast, or machined).

    Our inline dot peen marking system is extremely compact and designed for easy integration. You will quickly and easily be able to mark parts of various shapes, surface conditions, and materials. Its robust design is protected with rubber bellows for harsh environments. It's very fast and can mark all types of materials, including plastics and metals up to 63 Hrc.


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