Marking Hammers

Marking Hammers

Promote Safety!

Hammers specifically designed for marking in a variety of styles to promote safety in the workplace.

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O.E. Marking Hammer

OE Marking HammerHammer head is machined from shock resistant steel.
Supplied with impact resistant fiberglass handle.

Hammer end faces are machined with a large radius for safer striking - corners are eliminated to reduce chipping & spalling.

These hammers are specially heat treated to optimize performance. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 3/4 lbs. up to 6 lbs.

Double End Marking Hammer

double end marking hammerTapered ends optimized for striking small stamps.
Supplied with impact resistant 16" fiberglass handle.

Available in 1 lb. size only.


Inspection Hammer

Inspection Hammer Classic GripHammer inserts are available from 3/32” to 1/2” character size.

  • Single character (A-Z, 0-9, etc.)
  • Double character (AA, 99, etc.)

Available in a variety of sizes and supplied with impact resistant fiberglass handle. Character can be inserted into one end only.

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Cut Letter Marking Hammer

cut letter marking hammer

Character, symbol or logo is engraved directly into hammer head. Up to 1" character. Single or double ended. Supplied with impact resistant fiberglass handle.


cut letter examples for marking hammers



WARNING: Wear safety goggles. Strike squarely. Avoid glancing blows. Never strike this tool against another striking tool. Striking hard surface can cause chipping possibly resulting in eye injury. Discard immediately if chipping, mushrooming or denting occurs.


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