Printers' Type and Dies for Hot Stamping

Brass and Steel Printers' Type and Dies for Hot Stamping

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Hot Foil Stamped Book Binding
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Our wide variety of brass printers’ type styles will fit any need for monogramming or personalizing in such printers as Kwikprint®, Kingsley®, AAmstamp®, Kensol Franklin®, Jackson®, Gibson®, Howard®, and virtually any other hot stamping machine. Typical hot stamping applications include book bindings, personalization items, leather goods, ribbons, greeting cards, napkins, matchbooks, labels, advertising specialty items, and more. Our high quality brass type and dies are a great value since it will far outlast cheap alloys such as zinc and lead type.

We offer SAME DAY SHIPPING on stock type (our News Gothic and News Gothic Condensed type styles) in certain point sizes. We maintain the largest inventory in the country of all purpose straight body type in both brass and steel used for a wide variety of hot stamping, coding and imprinting applications.

Brass type is an economical, general purpose type for marking most materials including books and book bindings, leather goods, plastics, paper and even wood. Brass type outwears softer alloy metals like zinc and lead and holds up well when stamping under heat and/or pressure. Brass type also produces a much crisper, cleaner mark than cheaper alloy types. Alloy type may be less money up front but, in the end, brass is a much wiser investment.

Steel type is unmatched in durability and is ideal for marking harder plastics or when longer production runs are required. Our steel type is made from hardened and tempered tool steel which keeps replacement costs to a minimum.

Custom brass and steel logo dies, also know as hot stamping dies, can be produced with any logo, alphanumeric text or design, for stamping applications where your copy remains the same. Our hot stamp dies are typically made type high (.918” / 23.3mm) to fit in most standard type holders but can also be machined to any size to fit your present type holder.

Magnesium dies are also available for shorter production runs. Click here for more information.

Click here for more information on our Hot Stamping Foils and Ribbons. These are used when you want to add color to your stamped impression.

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Individual standard type blanks are typically made type high (.918" / 23.3mm), but can also be machined to any custom height based on your current setup. Available point sizes include 4pt up to 96pt. 

hot stamping, hot stamping type, brass type, steel type
stock type faces

Standard Type Styles

The standard type styles illustrated below are only a partial list of what we have available. We can also produce any typestyle not shown including custom typefaces and symbols if a digital font is provided.

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*We supply type and logo dies for the OEM's listed above but in no way indicate manufacturer's endorsement.

Hot Stamping Type and Dies

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