Semi-Automated Branding Irons

Semi-Automated, Drill Press Branding Irons

Our drill press branding irons are designed for semi-automated branding applications in environments ranging from the craftman’s workshop to the small manufacturing facility. Quality engineering with industrial grade construction provides low cycle cost and years of dependable use.

The powerful and durable performance of a Durable Technologies electric branding iron produces a permanent, indelible, imperishable brand, time after time. We engineer our products to live through the most arduous and demanding use so you can be confident of a lifetime’s reliable service. Our branding irons are built around an ultra strong, alloy steel, hexagonal heater head that can be clamped in a vise or fixture for use or disassembly. 

Drill Press Branding Iron Features

electric branding irons

  • Precision element wound around a high conductivity core provides consistent die temperature and a long service life
  • Fits all drill presses with 1/2” capacity chuck
  • Self leveling branding head floats on four springs ensuring uniform impressions
  • Nickel plated hexagonal steel case for strength and durability
  • Heat deflectors diffuse convection currents
  • Dies can be supplied blank or engraved to your specification



Drill Press Branding Iron Models
  Model Wattage Height
  DP-225 250W 9 1/4"
  DP-350 350W 9 1/4"
  DP-500 500W 9 1/4"
  DP-700 700W 10"
drill press branding irons


Branding Irons

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