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Custom Branding Irons for Leather Marking

custom branding irons for leather

Custom branding irons are an ideal marking solution for creating long-lasting, deep impressions into leather.

Custom Branding Irons for Leather Marking

custom branding irons for leatherBranding is a versatile marking solution that can create permanent marks in nearly any material (excluding metal and glass) and has been used in a huge variety of applications. From decorative branding on leather goods to industrial branding on PVC piping, branding creates a deep mark that remains clear and visible through heavy use and harsh environments.

Custom branding dies can be manufactured with nearly any design, logo, message, interchangeable text, or image which is another reason why branding is a great way to add customization and personal identification to a finished piece.

screw tip custom branding iron for leatherBranding irons, with a little practice, are also easy to use.

It's not surprising given how easy they are to use, and how easy they are to customize, that custom branding irons are so often used for leather marking.

Custom branding irons used for leather marking create deep, clear marks that will remain legible over time, even with heavy use and handling.

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To learn more about how to successfully use a branding iron package, download our free How to Make a Quality Brand guide. The guide will provide you with a detailed explanation of all five factors that make a successful brand.

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