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We manufacture and supply a wide range of marking equipment and supplies including impact presses, portable marking tools, steel stamps and dies, metal type, type holders, industrial inks, branding irons, hot stamping foil, thermal transfer ribbons, ink jet fluids, and much more. Call us for more information.

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Durable Technologies
Corporate Office
33 Arctic Street
Worcester, MA 01604
Toll Free: 866-344-7721 Call Toll Free Now: 866-344-7721
Local: 630-869-1474 Call Local Now: 630-869-1474
Fax: 508-753-1336

VisiMark, Inc.
33 Arctic Street
Worcester, MA 01604
Toll Free: 800-222-4650 Call Toll Free Now: 800-222-4650
Local: 508-754-3039 Call Local Now: 508-754-3039
Fax: 508-754-3063

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Durable Mecco
521 South County Line Road
Franklin Park, IL 60131
Toll Free: 800-869-9565 Call Toll Free Now: 800-869-9565
Local: 630-766-6420 Call Local Now: 630-766-6420
Fax: 630-766-0219

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