Type Holders

Type Holders for Package Date Coding

Our type holders can be made to fit into virtually any coding or imprinting machine.

Durable Technologies manufactures type holders for Markem®, Norwood® and many more.

For Markem® we manufacture holders capable of accommodating axial, radial, and flat type available in brass or steel. We also deliver holders for Markem 918 Type in 4pt, 6pt, 8pt for direct or offset printing (Markem Models 2100 and 135A). 

Other Markem® holder options include:

  • Markem Aluminum Rolls
  • Rotary and Flat Type Holders for Markem Touch Dry® Coders
  • Hot Melt Ink Rolls for Touch Dry Coders

For Norwood® products our holders include:

  • Imprinters steel type holders
  • Imprinters steel logo dies
  • Imprinters type holders
  • Hot stamp ribbon

Durable Technologies is the low cost manufacturer of precision steel replacement type for all Norwood Hot Stamp Printers. We stock the most popular sizes for immediate shipment.

Our engineers can match your existing type holder or will work with you to design a new holder that will meet your requirements and save you money versus buying directly from the OEM's.  


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*We supply type holders for the OEM's listed above but in no way indicate manufacturer's endorsement.

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