Portable Dot Peen Marking

    Portable Dot Peen

    dot-peen-marking-example-small.jpgThere are times when a traditional benchtop dot peen marking station is not ideal due to the size or orientation of the part. For these situations, Durable Technologies offers a number of portable dot peen markers to solve your direct marking requirements.

    Portable, hand held marking systems are suited for marking heavy materials or parts too large to be handled easily. Lightweight and ergonomic but still rugged, these machines can mark a wide range of materials from plastics to metals up to 62 Hrc.



    dot-peen-marking-angled-part-with-rotary.jpgBenefits of portable dot peen marking systems from Durable Technologies:

    • Marking of heavy or difficulty accessible parts, up to 62 Hrc
    • Low cost of ownership - Few consumables
    • Robust and reliable - Cast aluminum body and handle
    • High performance - Constant precision and quality
    • Simple and user friendly
    • Lightweight, mobile, ergonomic and flexible
    • Electronic controller is fully programmable
    • Suitable for aerospace applications (creates very little stress on the parts being marked)


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