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Portable Marking Machine Options


There are a couple of portable marking machine options for applications where marking needs to be done in the field, or applications where a traditional marking machine isn’t feasible.

handjet-portable-inkjet-printer-260A portable ink jet printer is one of the most popular portable machine machines. Portable ink jet printers come in a number of shapes and sizes and offer a range of options to meet a variety of needs. The other common portable marking machine is a portable dot peen marking system.

To narrow down the type of portable marking machine that would work best for you, you should determine a couple of important specifications.

One of the biggest factors in which a portable marking printer is best is whether or not you need it to be able to print in color. Several portable printer options are available that can print text, serial numbers, dates and times, and barcodes, but the number of hand held printers that can print in color is more limited. If you have to print in color, our Handjet line of portable ink jet printers is the first place to look.

Also, the substrate you need to mark is vitally important. This is necessary to know because it often impacts the type of ink you will need to use, which, in turn, may influence which printer model is appropriate because not all printers can use all types of ink.

Hand held Connect with controller-1Some substrates, like coated or painted metal, can be challenging to print on. Also, some marks need to withstand harsh environments, and while heavy-duty inks are available with portable models, they aren’t always the most permanent marking solution.

If you need to make an indelible mark on a metal substrate, the best handheld marking machine option might be a portable dot peen.

A portable dot peen marking system creates pin stamp marks (dots) into the substrate. They can be used to mark metals and plastics and are typically used to mark parts in the field or large and/or heavy parts that can’t be marked inline or with a benchtop model dot peen.

Size and portability can also be important factors to consider when selecting a portable marking machine. For instance, portable dot peen marking systems tend to be bulkier and, while still portable, aren’t necessarily ideal for outdoor marking requirements or work areas without a steady power supply. Portable printers, on the other hand, come in a number of sizes, including options that can fit on a belt and contain their own power source.

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