Embossing Type

Embossing Type for Cans and Can Lids

Durable Technologies is the largest manufacturer of replacement can lid embossing type in the country. Our steel type is precision made for use in all the popular OEM canning, closing, and seamer machines, including Angelus Sanitary Can Machine Company®, American Can Company®, Continental Can Company®, Canco®, FMC®, Pneumatic Scale®, and more.

In addition to offering replacement embossing type (also known as canning type or male / female type), Durable Technologies also offers planisher blocks and custom type holders for all the OEM's equipment. Our type is available as individual characters or multi-character logo dies for larger blocks of copy.

In 2004, A.D. Joslin Co.® of Manistee, MI, a leader in the manufacturing of replacement embossing type, was acquired by Durable Technologies. We have retained much of the old customer account information so if you're in need of replacement embossing type or other supplies please call us at 866-344-7721.

Durable Technologies also supplies 100% compatible ink jet fluids for those food and beverage companies who have transitioned away from contact coding to continuous ink jet printers such as Videojet®, Markem-Imaje®, Domino®, Marsh® and Linx®.

*We supply compatible ink jet fluids for the OEM's listed above but in no way indicate manufacturer's endorsement. 

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