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Custom Embossing Dies

male and female dies (2)

Most often used in the sheet metal industry, custom embossing dies allow users to create permanent, raised marks.

Embossing Dies

custom embossing diesEmbossing dies are used to create a raised impression in metal. The mark is created by using both male (raised engraving on the face of the die) and female (matching sunk copy) steel dies that fit together to create a raised mark in the metal.

This style of mark is most often seen in the sheet metal industry but can also be seen in your grocery store as date codes applied to can lids. However, an embossing die can also be used to create raised letters, trademarks, code symbols, or patterns.

Custom Embossing Dies

male and female dies (2)Durable Technologies can manufacture custom embossing dies for nearly any symbol (like a trademark or simple logo) or alphanumeric combination.

Our custom dies are custom engineered and skillfully machined to the end user's specification. Examples of custom dies include things like part numbers, patent numbers, trade names, trademarks, special lettering, or other data.

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You can learn more about custom embossing dies by contacting us here with any questions you might have or to request a quote.

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