Hot Stamping Foils and Ribbons

Hot Stamping Foils and Ribbons for Package Date Coding

Durable Technologies supplies a variety of pigmented foils for imprinting variable data such as production dates, expiration dates, storage life, etc. Our foils are most commonly used for stamping date codes onto a variety of substrates including food and pharmaceutical packaging films, plastics, coated and uncoated label stocks, and more.

We can offer our customers an alternative to the recently discontinued API Foils line of ribbons, including their DC8305U, DC8303U, 8800MPG, 7801MPG, EZ23100, and EZ23000 formulas.

Our foils and ribbons offer great durability and abrasion resistance and are capable of printing onto a wide variety of substrates including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, cellophane, coated and uncoated paper, label stocks, and more.

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Hot Stamping Foils Pack 1hsr flex subs

Foils and Ribbons for Date Coding

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