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Hot Stamping Foil and Ribbons

Hot Stamping Foil and Ribbons

Hot foil stamping is a popular marking solution for a wide range of applications. Our pigmented hot stamping foils (most commonly used for date coding) are popular because they are abrasion-resistant and durable, offering a long service life of clear and legible impressions.

hot-stamping-foilsFoil for Package & Date Coding

We supply a variety of matte pigment foils commonly used for imprinting variable data such as production dates, expiration dates, storage life, etc.

Our foils are capable of stamping onto a variety of substrates including food and pharmaceutical packaging films, plastics, label stocks, coated and uncoated paper, and more.

We supply Norwood's® popular 172 and 987 black foil formulations, as well as 273 white. The minimum order varies depending on the ribbon formula and size. 

We also offer our customers an alternative to the recently discontinued API Foils line of ribbons, including their EZ23100 black and EZ23000 white formulas. These discontinued formulas were commonly used for stamping a variety of plastic substrates. 

Free sample rolls are available for evaluation if you're in need of a hot stamp ribbon but aren't sure which formula is best suited for your application.

Kingsley® Foil for Wire Marking & Heat-Shrink Sleeving

Durable Technologies offers a series of semi-gloss pigmented hot stamping foils (date code ribbons) for wire marking and heat-shrink sleeving, including Kingsley's® No-Fault (black and white), K-520 (black and white), and K-30 (white only). The minimum order varies depending on the ribbon formula and size.

These foils and ribbons offer great durability and abrasion resistance and are capable of printing onto a wide variety of plastics including ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, acrylic, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polyurethane.

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