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Industrial Ink Stamp Pads

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Mark II Reversible Stamp Pads and Kits for Fast Drying Inks

Mark II Reversible Stamp PadsSpecially designed for fast drying inks, Mark II reversible stamp pads feature an air tight case that keeps the pad moist for months. A two-sided design allows you to flip the pad over and continue stamping while the other side rejuvenates. It’s like having two pads in one and ensures a constant ink supply. The inking surface area of the Mark II pad is 2.5" x 4" and you can order it dry (part# MARK II DRY) or as a kit which includes a dry pad, 2 oz. of 1250 all purpose air dry ink, and 2 oz. of reactivator (part# MARK II KIT DRY). The kits are available with Black, White, Blue, and Red ink (only Black and White meet Government Specification TT-I-1795A, Type I, and AA-208 and A-A-208 rev D).

*We can only ship this product within North America.

Instructions for inking the Mark II pad: Start by adding a small amount of ink to the white pad (½ oz.). Slowly add ink to the pad in a circular motion, starting in the center and working your way out. For the first inking, do this for both sides of the pad. Keep the case closed between uses. When one side begins to show signs of drying out, close that side and begin using the other side. When needed, add a few drops of thinner or ink to rejuvenate.

Metal Case Industrial Felt Stamp Pads for Air Dry and Solvent Based Inks

metal industrial stamp padThese cloth-covered felt pads are housed in a metal case and can be used with solvent-based inks which tend to damage plastic casings. This model has a hinged lid and a rubber seal which helps keep the pad moist when closed. Slower drying alcohol inks work well with this pad, but any solvent based in can be used. All pads come un-inked. Made in the U.S.A.

#14185: 2-3/4” X 4-1/4”
#14186: 3-1/4” X 5”
#14190: 3-1/4” X 7”

Classic Felt Stamp Pads for Water Based Inks

classic felt stamp pads for water based inksThese pads are designed primarily for water based stamp inks. Felt pads should not be used with most air dry inks as the solvents can have an adverse effect on the plastic and the pads will dry out very quickly. All pads come un-inked.

#0: 2-1/4” X 3-1/2”
#1: 2-3/4” X 4-3/8”
#2: 3-1/4” X 6-1/4”
#3: 5” X 7”

Opaque Pads for Air Dry Inks

Discontinued...please see Metal Industrial Stamp Pads above.