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Epoxy Ink: A Guide

Posted by Matt Martin

epoxy inkNatural rubber stamps are a popular marking method and, when you are considering using a natural rubber stamp it is common to look for information about the best kind of ink available. More often than not epoxy inks fit the bill.

Epoxy inks are available in either one part epoxy or two part epoxy. Durable also carries a solvent resistant ink which does not meet any mil specs but does offer a faster dry time than you'd get when using epoxy inks. Each of these inks offer specific advantages but some take longer to dry. Depending on your specific part marking requirements, any of the three inks below might be suitable for your application:

#6050/EPXY Two Part Epoxy Ink

  • A two-component epoxy system developed to be the most permanent ink available to mark on a wide range of difficult to mark substrates. This ink is resistant to solvents, chemicals, and hydrocarbons and will withstand temperatures in excess of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the only ink that meets Government Specification A-A-56032 (formerly MIL-I-43553.) Requires addition of catalyst immediately upon opening and prior to use. 
  • Colors: Black, White (other colors are available and made to order)
  • Available in 1/2 oz. clipaks and by the quart (ink and catalyst sold together as a set).
    • 1/2 oz. - pre-measured pack contains weighed portions of ink (10 grams) and catalyst (5 grams) in one package separated by a clip
    • Quart - mix 2 parts ink to 1 part catalyst by weight
    • Thinner and cleaner are highly recommended
  • Mixing instructions: Allow an induction period of 30 minutes before use. When used with a rubber stamp, use a breyer roller or similar device to roll the ink into a thin drawdown on a glass, vinyl, or metal plate before transferring to the stamp. Thinner and cleaner are highly recommended,
  • Dry Time: Ink dries to handle in 6-8 hours at room temperature. Curing time can be shortened by adding heat. 4-7 days are required for maximum adhesion and chemical resistance. 

#6459 One Part Epoxy Ink

  • #6459 is a one part epoxy ink but DOES NOT meet Government Specification A-A-56032. It does resist most solvents and degreasers and is made with a true epoxy resin. Excellent permanence and easy to use. This ink is certified for United Launch Alliance (ULA) for ULA 5-79055, Rev. C.
  • Dry Time: 10 seconds to the touch; becomes permanent within 4 hours.
  • Suggested for use with a roller coder, semi-flexo printer, or natural rubber hand stamp with MARK II or metal industrial stamp pad.
  • Colors: Black, White, Blue, Red

#432 Solvent Resistant Ink

  • #432 is designed to resist alcohol, freon, degreasers, cleaning fluids, trichlorethylene, soap and water. The longer the imprint is given to dry, the more resistant the impression becomes. Suggested applications include metal, plastic, printed circuit boards, polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • Dry Time: 10-30 seconds
  • Suggested for use with hand held rubber stamps.
  • Colors: Black, White, Blue, Red (all pigmented)

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This post was published on March 14, 2023 and updated on March 14, 2023.

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