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Hand Held Branding Irons

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Portable, Hand Held Branding Irons

The powerful and durable performance of a Durable Technologies electric branding iron produces a permanent, indelible, imperishable brand, time after time. We engineer our products to live through the most arduous and demanding use so you can look forward to a lifetime of consistent and reliable service. Our branding irons are built around an ultra strong, alloy steel, hexagonal heater head that can be clamped in a vise or fixture for use or disassembly.

Maximum die-to-heater contact and very efficient heat transfer is guaranteed by the tapered seat which is unique to our branding equipment. The screw fitting of the die into the iron’s heater head enables a positive, secure fit. All of our branding irons have a hardwood handle shaped for a cool, comfortable grip. A simple, but durable, stand comes with each iron.

Safety is assured by fitting a flexible, burn, water and oil-resistant, neoprene 3-wire grounded power cord to every iron in our range. Our branding irons, 350 watts power and above, feature heat deflector discs for added comfort and safety.

screw tip branding iron
Screw Tip

Hand Held Branding Iron Features

  • Precision element wound around a high conductivity core provides consistent die temperature and a long service life
  • Ultra strong, nickel-plated alloy steel case can be clamped in a vise for easy maintenance
  • The hardwood handle ensures a cool grip
  • Burn-resistant, flexible, neoprene power cord
  • Dies can be supplied blank or engraved to your specification
  • All major parts (heater, handle, and cord) are user replaceable
  • Three-wire grounded construction
plug tip branding iron
Plug Tip

branding iron chart

temperature controller for branding iron


branding iron holder

Iron Holder


Download How to Use a Branding Iron
Download the Branding Iron Guide

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