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Custom Branding Irons for Rubber


Branding is a simple solution for creating deep, permanent marks into a wide range of materials. Using a custom branding iron for rubber marking creates a long-lasting, durable mark.

Branding Rubber

custom branding irons for rubberOften when marking rubber, the durability of the item is a key consideration. The material itself presents challenges for other marking methods that branding easily overcomes. Because branding creates a mark that is deeply embedded into the material, it is the ideal solution for rubber applications that demand durable marks.

Branding also doesn’t require a complex set up or elaborate machinery to create a permanent mark. To create a brand, all you need is a branding iron and a branding die. The iron heats the die to the correct temperature for the material (in this case 325° to 400°F for rubber), and the die is pressed onto the surface. The design on the face of the die is transferred into the surface of the material.

For pieces that will be exposed to harsh environments or lots of wear and tear, the ability to deeply embed the mark means that it will last far longer than other types of surface marking (such as ink, for example).

Custom Branding Irons for Rubber

custom branding iron diesWhile the branding iron package is often thought of as a single setup, it’s generally the branding die that is customized, not the iron itself. In general, you will select the correct branding iron wattage based on the size of die you'll be using, but the iron itself doesn’t typically need to be customized to meet any application need. You will have to decide between a portable, hand held iron or semi-automated, drill press iron. Let us know if you need any help choosing one versus the other.

Custom branding dies, on the other hand, are very common and easily produced. Bronze dies are the most common and create exceptional marks into a wide range of materials, including rubber. Available in a variety of sizes, bronze die blanks are typically round, square, or rectangular depending on the shape and size of the custom design.

Dies can be created from a digital file so nearly any shape or design can be branded. However, overly complicated or detailed designs don’t always create the clearest mark when branding. Clean and simple designs work best.

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