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Special Order Band Stamps

Made-to-order rubber band stamps may include any number of bands, alpha or numeric text with up to 1/2" characters. To order a custom band stamp, follow the three easy steps below and contact us when you're ready for a quote.

  • Choose Self-inking or Non Self-inking Model - Self-inking rubber band stamps are available in black, red, blue, green, or violet ink colors. Self-inking stamps will work with solvent based inks, but only if the stamp is stored in an airtight container when not in use. Non self-inking rubber stamps require a separate stamp pad and ink.  
  • Determine Layout and Number of Bands - Your custom rubber band stamp can be configured with numbers, letters and even logo dies for repetitive text such as BEST BY, EXP, etc. Every letter or number position in your imprint code is considered (1) band. Number bands are made up of 0 - 9; letter bands are available as A - M, N - Z or A - Z plus 0 - 9.
  • Select Character Size - 
    - Size 00 = 1/16"
    - Size 0 = 1/8"
    - Size 1 = 5/32"
    - Size 2 = 3/16"
    - Size 2-1/2 = 9/32"
    - Size 3 = 3/8"
    - Size 4 = 1/2"

Custom Rubber Stamps

We can produce custom, non self-inking rubber stamps in virtually any size based on your artwork or other print requirements. Non self-inking rubber stamps require a separate stamp pad and refillable ink. If you require variable text, we can supply a wooden handle stamp with ribbed backing that can be manually constructed with our rubber ribbed type seen here.

wooden handle stamp.pngrubber ribbed type.png

Give us a call if you need any help determining which type of rubber stamp will work best for you.

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