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Marking for Defense Contractors - UID Marking

2D data matrix is a barcode that's readable using machine or vision systems and is a standard for permanent, direct part marking (DPM) and traceability in a wide variety of industries. This 2D bar code can be utilized throughout the part life cycle, including prototype, production, supply chain management and warranty and service operations.

Recently the DOD (Department of Defense) launched a UID directive - a mandate for suppliers of parts and items to the military to uniquely identify those items.

UID stands for “Unique Identification" and is a set of data for tangible assets that is globally unique and unambiguous, ensures data integrity and data quality throughout life, and supports multifaceted business applications and users.

Depending on the time available, quality specifications, mark type required and budget, there are a number of options for marking defense and military components to meet UID specifications. Call us for more information.

UID marking
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