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Stamps for Knives at Heartwood Forge

Stamps for Knives at Heartwood Forge

Heartwood Forge is a knife making shop located in the low hills outside of Athens, Georgia. They design and hand make knives from high-performing reclaimed carbon steel and wood. Toughness and hardness are designed into the blade-perfect steel that they recycle from the lumber industry. These qualities make for a great knife but also complicate the makers mark process.

"Durable Technologies made an 'HWF' logo hand stamp for us and it has been a wonderful tool to add our brand mark to the knives," says Will Manning, owner of Heartwood Forge.

stamps for knives

"The hand stamps from Durable Technologies are much appreciated by us because they clearly add the same type of care and artisanship to their process and products as we do to ours. Their stamps help us make our mark and put the finishing touches on the knives we and our customers love," states Mr. Manning.

Durable Technologies has a steel hand stamp for your part marking requirements. We manufacture cold forged steel hand stamps that provide extra-long service life. Made from a special grade of tool steel, they resist spalling and mushrooming and are made to your custom specifications.

Text or logos and designs made-to-order, no matter how complex, are possible. Sizes range from small steel hand stamps for marking jewelry to large steel hand stamps to mark steel slabs. Characters can be sharp face, low stress full character, low stress dot character, or customized to your specific marking requirements. 

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