Marking Machines

Marking Machine

Our marking machines deliver industry leading, direct part marking solutions to meet your budget.

Tools and Supplies

Marking Tools and Supplies

“One Stop Shopping” for all of your industrial part marking and traceability requirements.

Date Coding

Package Date Coding

Whether marking lot numbers, expiration dates, case codes or general package date coding, we have the items you need.

Hot Stamping

Hot Foil Stamping

Metal type and logo dies for all of your hot stamping, monogramming, and personalization needs.


Durable Technologies will put our experienced marking systems team to work for you. Companies of all sizes – from Fortune 100 manufacturers to one-person operations  can benefit from the wealth of marking application expertise that helps us, help YOU to efficiently and cost effectively meet your marking needs with a full line of part marking capabilities, equipment and technology.

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Your Industry,
Custom Solutions

Whether you're in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, metal fabrication, automotive, aerospace, or craft market you'll find direct part marking and identification solutions to address your specific requirements.

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100+ Years of Marking Experience

Durable Technologies has a solution to meet every budget, every delivery need, and just about every direct part marking requirement - we're here to help you meet all of your marking needs.

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One Stop Shop
For All Marking

Marking equipment and tools for materials from Aluminum to Zinc-plated steel. The materials Durable Technologies marks continues to increase...we have yet to find the material we cannot mark.

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"When I opened off-Broadway in a fun comedy called Clever Little Lies, I wanted to give opening-night gifts to the whole team: fanny-packs emblazoned with the play’s logo. But I couldn’t find just what I wanted in New York. Well, thanks to Chris Podles at Durable Technologies in Worcester, MA—and Lynn and Jay Cann at Kwikprint in Jacksonville, FL—my clever little gift idea became a reality. And everybody loved it!"

Marlo Thomas


"The stamp has been wonderful. Our son has been working on getting it perfect. His last two stamped blades turned out great (you were completely right about making sure there is no bounce when you strike it.) He is making some very beautiful knives. Thanks for checking back with us."

Katie Bradds, Mom of a Very Talented Teenage Knife Craftsman


"The branding mark for Mustang that we create on each of our parts is important to us. We do not want an over-the-top, in your face branding mark like many of our competitors; we feel that takes away from the quality of the product itself. Our goal is to have a brand mark that communicates quality and a high class image; the custom steel dies we get from Durable Technologies helps us achieve that goal."

Marilyn G. Simmons, Director Global Business Development, Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC.


Quick Guide to Thermal Transfer Printing onto Flexible Packaging

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Custom Hand Stamp Applications

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Quick Guide to Portable Marking Machines

Not every marking application can be accomplished on a manufacturing conveyor line. Often, materials and items are too large or bulky to be marked inline or require marking while in the field....Read more

Making a Blacksmith Touchmark

A blacksmith's touchmark is the final detail that pulls a project together. A touchmark identifies the artisan who created the item, allows the end user to see a glimpse of the personality of the...Read more

Guide to Choosing Ink for Food Packaging

Direct part marking food packaging often requires the marking tooling to have specific properties. Ink for food packaging, specifically, needs to meet a few key criteria. To understand what to look...Read more