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Stamping Knife Blades the Right Way

Stamping Knife Blades the Right Way

stamping knife bladesRustick Knives, in Fayettesville, NC, is run by Jack Stottlemire, a disabled veteran and small business owner.  He is committed to creating the absolute best combat knives for our brave servicemen and women.  He is a retired Army Special Operations Sergeant Major who spent many years serving his country in special operations so he knows what make a knife unique and effective.

One requirement he needed to fill was to permanently identify each hand crafted knife with the Rustick logo and 'Made in the USA'.  So when he needed to find a steel hand stamp supplier he reached out to a few friends and asked their opinion.  They recommended a company but when he went to the Internet to find them he first found Durable Technologies.

stamped blade knives"Durable was the first company I found online and when I reached out to them they were very friendly, knew what I was looking for, and delivered a quote within a few hours.  The stamps showed up in a week and they were perfect.  My buddies were surprised to hear that Durable turned them around so fast, their supplier usually takes four weeks to deliver a custom stamp.  And to top it off, the Durable hand stamps were less expensive!" states Mr. Stottlemire.

Durable Technologies has a steel hand stamp for your custom marking needs.  We manufacture all of our steel hand stamps, according to your specifications.  

We use our proprietary process to create heavy-duty steel hand stamps that provide extra long service life. Made from a special grade of tool steel, they resist spalling and mushrooming and are the safest product your operators can use.

Simple or complex text, logos and designs are all made-to-order. Sizes range from the tiny steel hand stamps used to mark jewelry to very large steel hand stamps used for marking steel slabs. Characters can be sharp face, low stress full character, low stress dot character, or customized to your specific marking requirements. 

Also available:

Contact us today to see how Durable Technologies can help you with stamping knife blades or any other hand stamp and steel stamp requirements.

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