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This guide seeks to provide the reader with general information about some of the most common industrial marking methods. In each section you'll also find detailed information about the marking method or marking tool, as well as common applications, industries, and uses.

Topics we cover in this guide:

  • Character Styles
  • Hand Stamps
  • Hand Stamp Holders
  • Hammers and Safety Considerations
  • 5 Steps to Clear Hand Stamping
  • Steel Stamps and Dies
  • Roll Dies, Embossing Dies and Inserts
  • Steel Type and Holders
  • Hot Stamping

Durable Technologies was formed in 2011 when industry leaders Durable Mecco of Franklin Park, IL and VisiMark, Inc. of Worcester, MA combined to form one of the nation’s premier authorities on custom part marking and identification solutions.

Durable Mecco began as Durable Engravers and was formed in 1952 in Chicago, Illinois as a manufacturer of traditional marking products including steel stamps and metal coding type. 

VisiMark, Inc. was formed in 1985 in Worcester, Massachusetts specializing in the production of steel stamps, brass and steel coding type, hot stamping dies, as well as part marking and mold engraving.

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