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Hilti Marking Characters Steel Type

Hilti Marking Characters Steel Type

Durable Technologies has been around for a long time, and one of our favorite types of portable stamping tools for industrial part marking is the powder-actuated marking gun.

Why do we like it? This hand-held, automatic part marking gun allows you to be fully mobile and mark a variety of materials, including hot and cold steel, and it's just plain old fun to use!

If you need to order replacement steel type characters for your powder tool gun and are tired of paying a premium from the OEM, we have an affordable alternative. 

Durable manufactures OEM-compatible marking characters steel type for all of the powder-actuated part marking systems still in operation today, including Hilti's DX 462-HM, MarkFirst's Mark-Pistol, and Ramset's D45A with Portamark type holder attachment (the image just below shows the Portamark attachment installed on Ramset's D45A).

**We do not sell the powder-actuated tool, only the replacement steel type.

portamark-no labelHilti SF steel type slotted blank

Our alternative replacement steel type is available in the following character faces:

  • Sharp face
  • Low stress round (full character)
  • Low stress dot

We normally use plain Gothic-style characters (shown in the photo below) but we can also supply custom font styles upon request. In the past, we’ve provided type engraved with the 452 style where each character is unique to allow for easier identification from only a partial impression.

While many of the OEM's charge more for special characters like punctuation marks and symbols, Durable's price is always the same for alphanumeric characters and standard punctuation.

Hilti SF steel type characters

Durable Technologies' heavy-duty slotted steel type is designed for designed for the harshest applications. Most often used in steel mills, forging mills, foundries, and other industrial settings, slotted type features a slot on one side of the blank which allows for easy orientation of the character and assists with securing the type in the chase/holder.

We also manufacture replacement steel type for all of the other popular O.E.M. marking equipment including G.T. Schmidt, Pannier, Matthews, Columbia, Automator, and more. Steel type holders can be supplied with a shank for press-style use or a simple handheld version for use with a striking hammer.

Click here to see how Durable Technologies can help you make your mark with steel type and holders.

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