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Steel Stamps for Metal

steel stamps custom shank

Using steel stamps for metal marking is an excellent way to create crisp, clear marks and is a versatile enough marking solution to be adaptable across a range of applications, from high volume industrial applications, to low volume customization, and everything in between.

Why Steel Stamps for Metal Marking

steel stamps for metal:  custom shankSteel stamps are an excellent solution for metal marking because they allow users a high degree of flexibility in marking method and customization of the stamps themselves.

For instance, in industrial settings where high volumes of metal parts will need to be marked, steel stamps and dies can be used in conjunction with a number of machines (punch press, impact press, die set, etc.) that can be incorporated into an existing line.

On the other hand, steel stamps can also be used just as effectively in low volume applications, where the ease of use and affordability of a hand stamp set up is a low barrier to entry for artisans who want to customize or sign their work.

In both situations, steel stamps offer the user a long service life because they are manufactured from hardened, high-grade tool steel that resists spalling and mushrooming. Steel stamps are also easily customizable, which makes adding even complex marks (like custom logos) easy.

Steel Stamps for Metal Marking Applications

number steel stamps for metalSteel stamps are used to mark metal in a vast array of industries and applications. Below are a few examples of the versatility of steel stamps pulled from our customers.

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Steel dies, stamps, and inserts can be created to fit almost any marking need or machine. For more information about custom dies, stamps, inserts, marking machines, or to request a quote, please contact us here.

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