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Rustick Knives Uses Durable Steel Stamps to Stamp Handmade Knives

Fayetteville, North Carolina based Rustick Knives is a disabled combat veteran-owned and operated small business. Dedicated to making one-of-a-kind custom knives, Rustick Knives uses Durable steel stamps to make permanent makers marks in their products. 

steel stamps"[Durable] does a really great job and [they have] great personal service. I call up and talk to them all the time, and we come up with new ideas and designs and they are quick. I get my stamps in about a  week...and the prices are very, very competitive."

Check out this video from Jack Stottlemire of Rustick Knives as he demonstrates how he uses Durable stamps in his homemade press to add a long-lasting, durable makers mark to his knives.


Durable recently donated a "Warrior Hands On" stamp for Jack's charity Warrior Hands. Warrior Hands aims to teach disabled combat veterans vocations and skills that allows them to start small businesses to provide for themselves and their families. As part of his work with the charity, Jack teaches veterans how to create knives and uses the stamp to mark the finished knife blades and to create custom charms for fundraising.

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