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Quick Guide to Thermal Transfer Printing onto Flexible Packaging

Typically used for printing dates, prices, lots, and bar codes on flexible packaging substrates, thermal transfer printers and ribbons are a versatile marking solution.

thermal-transfer-printing-packaging.jpgWhy Use Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Printheads?

Food and other perishable goods very often come packaged in flexible plastic containers. Bags, like those used for packaging pretzels or chips, can present some unique marking challenges.

The information that needs to be marked on this type of packaging often needs to be changed to reflect expiration dates and price changes. This means that whatever marking method is chosen must have the ability to be changed in a hurry.

The packaging itself also presents some challenges. First of all, not all marking methods can be used on plastic. A flexible plastic substrate, like a chip bag, further limits the marking methods that can be employed. Thermal transfer ribbons and printheads offer one of the best marking solution for this type of packaging.

thermal-ribbon.jpgThermal transfer ribbons and thermal printheads offer users the flexibility to quickly and easily change the data that is being marked. This marking method is also safe to use with thin, flexible plastic and leaves a clear, easy to read mark.

Both of these advantages make this type of marking one of the preferred methods for marking grocery items packaged in flexible plastic substrates.

Our ribbons are ISEGA certified and approved for direct and indirect food contact under FDA regulations 21 CFR 175.

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