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Inline Ink Jet Printer Basics

Ink jet printers are a popular direct part marking option, in part, because of the high degree of flexibility they offer. Ink jet printers can be broken into two main categories: continuous and drop on demand.

Continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers create a continuous stream of ink droplets that are used to create the mark. One advantage of continuous ink jet printing is that high velocity ink droplets allow for a greater distance between the print head and the receptor material (substrate). There is also less chance for nozzle clogging with this type of printer because the jet is always in use (moving continuously.) CIJ printers are ideal for printing small character text such as expiration dates and lot numbers.

Drop-on-demand (DOD) printers, much as their name implies, only release the ink droplets needed to make a mark as they are needed rather than in a continuous stream. Drop-on-demand ink jet printers are often used in production lines for marking corrugated boxes and trays.

There are also portable ink jet printing options, but for marking system requirements that necessitate a stationary, inline model there are three basic options:

in line ink jet printerContinuous Ink Jet Small Character Printer: Can be used for printing fixed or variable data, 2D data matrix barcodes, expiration dates, alpha-numeric text, logos or other graphics onto rigid, flexible, irregular shaped, porous or non-porous substrates. They are perfect for printing small characters for date codes or other traceability information on food and beverage or pharmaceutical packaging substrates.

drop in demand ink jet printerDrop-on-Demand Large Character Printer: Drop-On-Demand large character printers were designed for printing on a wide variety of substrates, including corrugated, plastics, metals, paper, foils, and more. They are easy to operate, reliable, and have a low cost of ownership.

hi resolution ink jet printerHi-Resolution Package Printers: Hi-resolution printers are ideal for printing hi-resolution text, barcodes, graphics, and symbols on both porous and non-porous substrates. There are both liquid and solid wax ink options available, making them a versatile solution.

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