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Posted by Matt Martin

There are a lot of ways to mark metal, from steel stamps and dies to stencils, and how you mark metal and the metal marking tools you use is dependent on a number of factors. When determining which marking type is best you should consider the type of mark you want to make, the material you are marking, and the frequency with which you will be marking.

custom-diesIf the mark needs to be permanent and withstand harsh environments, often the best metal marking tools to use are steel stamping dies. Steel stamping dies allow for repeatable, permanent marks and can be used as either a hand stamp or as part of a larger, automated setup. Steel stamping dies can also be used to mark nearly any type of surface including flat, concave, and convex surfaces. A great example of custom stamping dies in action is this success story from GE Energy.  

Another option for marking metal is an industrial stencil. Industrial stencils can be used to mark product identification, shipping information, or any other information that needs to be read easily. You can learn more about industrial stencils here.

Steel type and holders are another great metal marking solution. Steel type is ideal for metal marking where interchangeability of stamped text is important. Check out these two examples of our steel type in action:

Engraved Steel Type and Holders for Wire Marking

American Calan Uses Durable Steel Type to Track Cows

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This post was published on September 29, 2015 and updated on October 15, 2020.

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