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Hot Foil Stamping Machine Letters

hot foil stamping machine letters

Hot foil stamping machine letters allow users to create permanent marks on a wide range of substrates.

Why Hot Foil Stamping?

hot foil stamping machine lettersHot foil stamping is a direct part marking solution that allows users to create precise marks onto a wide range of substrates, including some that are difficult to mark on with other marking methods. Some of the substrates that can be hot foil stamped include leather, cloth, satin, vinyl, hard plastics, acrylic, and both coated and uncoated substrates.

Hot foil stamping also allows users to create both metallic and colored marks through the use of decorative foils and ribbons. While this feature of hot foil stamping contributes to its popularity as a decorative marking solution, hot stamping printers are also commonly used in package date coding applications. 

Beyond its versatility, hot foil stamping creates marks that are abrasion resistant and durable and offers users superior consistency, sharp detail, and brightness.

Hot Foil Stamping Machine Letters

hot stamped letters on luggage tagsThe process of hot foil stamping requires a stamping press or printer, stamping dies or type, and foils or ribbons (if color is required). Each of these requirements offers users options and flexibility to meet their specific applications needs. For example, we offer brass type, steel type, and magnesium dies to meet users specifications and budget.

Hot foil stamping type and dies can also be customized with unique typestyles, logos, symbols, and emojis to create unique marks. For users who need hot foil stamping machine letters, you can provide us with a hi-res digital proof of the typestyle you'd like or select from a wide range of style options.

The material that your hot foil stamping machine letters are manufactured from will depend on your budget and specifications. For example, brass hot stamping type typically requires more of an up-front investment but offers but offers superior performance and service life as compared to cheaper lead and alloy types.

Examples of Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is used in a wide range of industries and applications. Below you will find links to some specific applications to give you an idea of the versatility of this marking solution.

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