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One of our most popular marking solutions is the hand stamp. Steel hand stamps are versatile and long-lasting, made from a special grade of tool steel to resist spalling and mushrooming.

Steel hand stamps also allow for a wide range of design options and can be custom made to satisfy almost any part marking requirement. If you've never used a hand stamp before, it can be hard at first to figure out how to choose the right stamp for your project.

Styles of Steel Hand Stamps

Some of the basic kinds of steel hand stamps are:

Hevi-Bevl stamps are sharp face, Gothic character steel hand stamps. These are heavy-duty stamps that are typically used for marking hard metals and in high-volume applications.

low-stress-hand-stampLow-Stress Dot or Full Character steel hand stamps are ideal for low stress marking and can be made with either round face full characters or dotted characters. This type of stamp is often used for aerospace marking or underground piping.

border-hand-stampBorder Stamps feature the customizable text of the stamp (letter, number, or symbol) contained within a border (circle, square, triangle, and more) and are commonly used for welder identification.

hand stamp

Buttress Steel Hand Stamps are 3/8” high equilateral triangle stamps and are available in low-stress full character or low-stress dot character. These stamps are ideal for marking pipes and are typically used to line up the tightening points during pipe assembly.

452 style stamps452 Font steel hand stamps are designed with a unique font so that each character can still be identified from a partial stamped impression (only the top or bottom of the character, for example). They are typically produced in 0-9, but A-Z is also available.

reverse-character-steel-hand-stampsReverse Character stamps (characters read "right" on the blank) are designed for stamping molds or forging dies and feature characters that read right on the blank. These stamps are typically used when stamping molds to produce a reversed character impression when stamped. 

Custom Design Stamps are one of the reasons why hand stamps are so popular. Custom hand stamps can be designed with simple or complex arrangements of text or logos. Custom hand stamps also offer the versatility of a wide range of sizes, from tiny jewelry stamps to larger stamps used in industrial settings.

CAUTION: Wear safety goggles/eye protection whenever using a hammer and marking with hand stamps.

Common Uses of Steel Hand Stamps

Durable Technologies hand stamps are custom designed and can be built for marking on flat, curved, concave, or convex surfaces.

Our steel hand stamps are used to permanently mark part numbers, patent numbers, trade names, trademarks, touchmarks, makers marks, logos, special lettering or other data required to permanently identify a part or material.

There are a wide variety of allocations for hand stamps including the following:

Hand Stamp Accessories Available:

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