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How to Select a Pneumatic Impact Press


When selecting a pneumatic press, there are a few specifications that you should consider to ensure that you are selecting the correct press for your particular marking requirements. Of course, your supplier can help walk you through all of the options and features, but in general, the three main areas you will need to consider are the press model, the control package, and the marking dies.

Choose Your Pneumatic Press Model

>mc19Pneumatic impact presses are ideal for high volume, repetitive indent marking, assembly, stamping, forming, punching, and shearing. Because there are so many ways a pneumatic press can be used, there are a few things to consider when choosing an impact press.

Most of the pneumatic presses sold are of the benchtop variety, although U-model presses for inline marking are available as well. The first thing you need to do is decide which size (model) is appropriate for your marking requirement. Generally speaking, the larger the press, the more impact force it can generate. The two main variables that will determine the correct impact press size will include the material being marked and the amount of text (number of characters and character height).

Choose Your Control Package

safeball-control-for-pneumatic-press (1)Pneumatic presses can be operated manually using the control lever but in most cases operator's will use a control package to operate the press. We carry three pneumatic press control packages that are designed to give you a range of options. Which control package you chose will depend on the press model that it's being used with, your preference for safety and ease of use, as well as your budget.

Choose Your Marking Dies

Pneumatic presses can make use of shank stamps, steel type with a holder, or numbering heads for sequential marking. Your marking requirement will usually dictate which marking dies make the most sense.

auto-numbering-head-with-air-trip-mechanism.jpgThere is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between a stamp, type, or numbering head. All three are machined from high quality, long lasting steel and can be customized. Numbering heads, however, are designed for serial numbering and sequential part marking, so they aren’t ideal for all applications.

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