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Knurled Hand Stamps

Knurled Hand Stamps

We recently received a request to manufacture a custom-made steel stamp with a knurled finish. While we have produced similar stamps in the past (for both hand stamping and for use in a press), it is not a common request, but one that we can easily manage with our design and manufacturing process.

The word "knurling" refers to a specific pattern etched or embossed onto a surface. Rather than the typical crisscross design, knurled surfaces boast a series of straight ridges or even a helix of such ridges.

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What is the purpose of knurling?

Well, its purpose is rather practical. Knurling enhances grip by introducing these textured patterns onto an otherwise smooth surface.

Whether it is a tool, a handle, or a component, knurled surfaces provide traction, allowing hands or fingers to grasp the object firmly, even under challenging conditions.

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How do we knurl a hand stamp?

Knurling involves precision machining. Using specialized machining centers, we meticulously carve out lines or indentations on the stamp's surface, carefully crafting the knurled pattern to ensure optimum grip and usability.
This process demands precision and attention to detail, ensuring that each stamp emerges with the perfect knurled texture for its intended purpose.

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