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Custom Branding Iron Heads


Used to mark trademarks, logos, and more on materials as diverse as cheese and tires, branding is a permanent marking solution ideal for low to medium volume applications.

What is Branding?

branding_irons_2Branding is a marking process that uses a branding iron to heat up a patterned metal branding die. Once it has reached the proper temperature, the branding die is pressed into the material being marked and the pattern on the die is transferred into the substrate.

Branding creates a permanent mark that can be embedded deep into the material. A branded mark is going to be resistant to wear and tear and is a long-lasting, easy-to-read mark.

Why Branding?

branding_ironsBranding offers some unique advantages over other direct part marking solutions.

As we mentioned above, a branded mark is deeply embedded in the material. This is ideal for applications where the material will be exposed to harsh or corrosive environments. Parts that will be left outside in the weather or will be handled on a regular basis (like wooden cutting boards, for example) are ideal for branding because the mark will hold up over time. 

Another advantage of branding is that it can be used to mark a wide variety of materials. By merely changing the temperature settings you can mark wood, plastic, leather, cork, paper, rubber, and even food items like cheese. Many items and materials can be branded that cannot be marked by other methods.

Perhaps one of the most exciting advantages of branding is that it is easily customizable.

Custom Branding Iron Heads

branding-iron-dieThe branding die portion of a branding iron package is the part of the set up that is customizable. Once you have the system in place, either a hand held or drill press branding iron, a customized branding die can be affixed to the iron.

Custom branding iron heads can even be created with custom logos and images, or they can be ordered with a pocket that can be filled with interchangeable alphanumeric type, giving users a lot of flexibility in what they are marking.

Hand held branding stampIn general, however, when designing a custom branding iron head, it is best if the design is clean and straightforward. Highly detailed or busy designs can be used, but the mark they create might not be as clean and crisp as is ideal.

If you are unsure if your design would make a good custom branding iron head, it is best to contact the manufacturer you want to work with and allow them to help you through the design process. We’ve helped many customers find the right balance between a unique design and a functional branding head that will create a stunning mark.

Learn More

To learn more about how to successfully use a branding iron package, download our free How to Make a Quality Brand guide. The guide will provide you with a detailed explanation of all five factors that make a successful brand.

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