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The Benefits of Using a Touchmark Stamp


What is a Touchmark?

A touchmark is a small mark that is applied to a handmade product. Typically, blacksmiths use a touchmark as a way to identify or sign their products. Touchmarks allow the creator to add a personal touch to their work, identifies the creator of an individual piece, and is often one of the last things that is done before a piece is finished.

www.durable-tech.comhs-fshubfsDobbs1-touchmark-stampWhy are touchmarks made with steel stamps?

Touchmarks don’t have to be made with a stamp, but that is one of the most common methods for applying a touchmark to a finished piece. Another common method includes using an impact press and die.

Typically, however, a steel stamp is used to create a touchmark because stamps are easy to customize, are an affordable solution, and don’t require much in the way of equipment or set up. For blacksmiths or artisans with higher volumes of product to mark, an impact press can be a good solution, but for small to medium volume marking, a touchmark stamp is ideal.

Steel stamps are long lasting, durable, and can be customized with anything from alphanumeric text to a logo. This is ideal because the purpose of a touchmark is to be a unique identifier and a stamp is a quick and economical way to add your personal identifier to a wide range of materials.

You can see some of the variety of touchmarks and application materials in the applications articles below.

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