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Mustang Motorcycle Products Custom Steel Dies

Mustang Motorcycle Products Custom Steel Dies

Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC is a worldwide leader in the design and construction of the highest quality and most comfortable motorcycle seats and accessories. Founded in 1980, they have grown from a small operation making just a dozen handcrafted seats a day, to now being the world leader in aftermarket motorcycle seats. When they need custom product branding tools they call Durable Technologies to create custom steel stamps and steel dies.

custom-steel-dies-3Mustang uses an RF (Radio Frequency) system to heat dies in order to make a permanent imprint into the vinyl used to make seats and other motorcycle accessories like sissy bar pads, fender bibs and tank bibs. This brand mark is made on a wide variety of different colors and delivers a consistent brand mark across all products.

"The branding mark for Mustang that we create on each of our parts is important to us. We do not want an over-the-top, in your face branding mark like many of our competitors; we feel that takes away from the quality of the product itself. Our goal is to have a brand mark that communicates quality and a high class image; the custom steel dies we get from Durable Technologies helps us achieve that goal," says Marilyn G. Simmons, Director Global Business Development, Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC.

"Durable Technologies delivers our custom steel die requests quickly and with a high degree
custom-steel-dies-4of quality every time. They are great to work with and we are very happy with their custom steel die quality and delivery. Making custom products at a good price is not easy but Durable makes it look that way," states Marc Johnson, Operations Manager, Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC. 

Durable Steel Stamps and Steel Dies

Durable Technologies' steel stamps and custom hot stamp dies are specifically engineered for identifying a variety of industrial products and for the marking equipment used by our customers. Every steel die blank is expertly crafted to the user's specifications. Our custom steel dies meet any user specification for marking machines, punch presses, press brakes, even hot stamping machines. Durable's custom steel stamps can be used to stamp a variety of substrates with part numbers, patent numbers, trade names, trademarks, special lettering or other data.

Durable Technologies manufactures custom steel stamps, steel inserts, and various stamping dies that allow you direct part mark just about anything.

Contact us for all of your custom steel stamp and steel die needs.

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