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Steel Type and Steel Type Holder Options

Steel Type and Steel Type Holder Options

Steel type offers users interchangeable text for a variety of marking and traceability applications. Durable manufactures a number of different styles that will meet your part marking requirements.

slotted_type_press_holder-6-3Steel Type and Holders

Steel type is typically loaded into a type holder, either hand held or press style. Steel type can be used in a number of different ways: together with a press style holder and shank for use in a press, with hand held holders for portability, or even in sledge holders for heavier duty and hot stamping applications. 

Durable Construction

Our steel type and steel type holders are manufactured for long life and durability, which allows the marking package to hold up over time in even the most rugged environments.

Some of our specific steel type and holder combinations include:

Press Holders for Slotted Type: These holders are made from special tool steel and designed to to be used with our impact presses for higher-volume, heavy duty marking applications.

handheldholdersM-E-Conomy Hand Held Holders: At 5” long, these holders are designed to be used with our heavy duty slotted type for manual, portable stamping requirements.

M-E-Conomy Sledge Holders: Featuring a long fiberglass handle and rubber grip, our sledge holders are used together with our heavy duty slotted type for hot applications or when you're trying to mark larger characters that require a heavier hammer. Ideal for promoting operator safety.

Press Holders for Utility Type: These holders are designed to be used with our impact presses for higher-volume, light to medium duty marking applications. 

Steel type and holder testimonials:

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