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Guide to Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Guide to Thermal Transfer Ribbons

OEM thermal transfer printers heat-coated thermal transfer ribbons to create an image in the areas where the ribbon has been heated. After heat has been applied, the ink releases from the carrier and transfers to the substrate, typically flexible packaging or paper labels. This marking method is ideal for directly marking information onto packaging, like expiration dates or bar codes.

thermal-ribbonThermal transfer ribbons are typically manufactured with an ink formulation of wax, wax and resin, or resin alone. The ink material these ribbons are made of are specifically designed to melt when passed through an OEM thermal transfer printer and adhere to the package or label being printed.

Common Applications

In most cases, OEM thermal transfer printers use thermal transfer ribbons to mark dates, prices, lot numbers, and bar codes directly onto packaging. Typically, these codes are printed directly onto the primary, flexible package, or onto paper labels which are then applied to the secondary package (corrugated boxes. for example).

thermal-printer-ribbonThermal Transfer Ribbons for Common Printer Types

We supply 100% compatible ribbons for virtually every OEM thermal transfer printer, including near-edge printers such as Videojet® DataFlex®, Markem® SmartDate®, Domino® V-Series, Allen Coding®, Norwood® Jaguar, and Linx®; also, flat head label printers like Zebra®, Datamax®, Sato®, Intermec®, Open Date®, and more. Our ribbons are a drop-in replacement for the OEM and, in most cases, you won't have to make any adjustments to your printer settings.

Our ribbons are ISEGA-certified and approved for direct and indirect food contact under FDA regulations 21 CFR 175.

We Stand Behind Our Quality

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