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Deep Steel Stamping For Tough Applications

American Iron Works (AIW) located in Yukon, OK, is a leading supplier in the high-pressure hose and pipe restraint business. They design, test, and manufacture products capable of restraining hoses and pipes from 100 PSI to 50,000 PSI.

This means heavy-duty steel brackets and other rugged materials. It also means part branding and identification that requires a tough, rugged, and repeatable marking solution.

Press style large steel stampThat is why Steve Beeson, President of AIW, reached out to his stamp supplier, Young Bros. Stamp Works, Inc., for some help.

Durable Technologies designs and manufactures hand stamps, steel type, and custom stamping dies for both end users and distributors such as Young Bros.

AIW needed a high-quality, high-tonnage steel stamp for their 90-ton stamping press that delivered a legible mark, including both text and a branding logo, for their A36 dual grade steel brackets.

Stamped Hobbles-1Mr. Beeson says, “we were very impressed by Durable’s design and engineering team. They were able to create a stamping die built in such a way that the tonnage required to make a deep impression was significantly reduced without affecting the quality of the finished mark. We needed a deep mark because the next steps in the manufacturing process are to shot blast the part and then add a powder coat layer.”

“Durable’s team is fantastic to work with. They are all very professional and know how to ask the right questions to get the part designed and built right the first time. They are easy to work with and we are very impressed with the quality of the stamps we have purchased,” states Mr. Beeson.

Steel Stamps and Steel Dies

steel stampsDurable Technologies' steel stamps and marking dies are custom engineered for identifying a variety of industrial products. Every die blank is skillfully machined to the user's specifications. Our custom dies satisfy any user requirement for marking machines, punch presses, press brakes and other machines.

Our custom stamps can be made for marking on flat, curved, concave or convex surfaces - for stamping part numbers, patent numbers, trade names, trademarks, special lettering, or other data.

Durable Technologies' stamps for steel marking - the best steel marking tools available.