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Brass Hot Stamping Type

brass type assorted

Brass type from Durable Technologies is an economical, general purpose type for marking most non-metal materials such as books, leather, plastics, paper, and wood.

brass type assortedWhy Use Brass Hot Stamping Type

Unlike softer alloys like zinc and lead, brass type is durable with longer working life and is able to withstand stamping under heat and pressure. The marks that brass type create are also crisper and cleaner. So, while other alloys might be less expensive up front, brass type offers a longer service life and is a much better long-term investment.

Brass Type Customization

While standard typefaces are common and simple to produce, we can also produce any type style, including custom typefaces, symbols, and emojis, if a high-quality proof or samples are provided (including foreign languages!).

Custom logo dies can also be produced with any wording or design, in brass or steel, for stamping applications where your text remains constant. Our logo dies are typically made type high (.918” / 23.3mm) to fit in most standard type holders but can also be machined to any size to fit your present type holder.

brass-type-akaExamples of Brass Type Hot Stamping

Over the years we’ve helped a number of companies make their mark with brass hot stamping type and dies. You can see some examples of the range of brass hot stamping in the examples below.

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