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Anne Krawitz owns the AKA Bindery in Philadelphia specializing in custom clamshell boxes for valuable books and documents, as well as a full range of bookbinding, book conservation and restoration services. AKA Bindery caters to book dealers, libraries, and private collectors.

brass type for bookbindingDurable Technologies recently made some custom brass type from a sample that AKA Bindery provided that needed to match a specific font for a book that she was restoring for a client.

"We needed an exact match on the text and numbers for this restoration and we sent Durable the few pieces of old type that we had and they were able to create a new set with an exact match.  We are thrilled at the quality and consistency of the type," says Ms. Krawitz.

AKA Bindery uses a Kwikprint hot stamping press with the brass type to imprint the mark into the spines of their boxes.  The Kwikprint press heats up the brass type so that it can permanently imprint the text, numbers, or graphic onto the leather.

AKA Bindery uses text and decorative designs, including antique looking motifs, to decorate the clamshell boxes they make.

Brass type from Durable Technologies is an economical, all-purpose type for marking most materials such as: books, leather, plastics, paper and wood. Durable's brass type lasts longer than softer alloy metals like zinc and lead and stands up when stamping under heat and/or pressure like AKA Bindery does using a Kwikprint press. Brass type also delivers a much crisper, cleaner mark than lower cost alloy types. Alloy type may be less investment up front but ultimately the brass type is a much better long term investment.

Custom logo dies can also be produced with any text or design, in brass or steel, for hot stamping requirements where your text remains consistent. Durable Technology's logo dies are usually made type high (.918” / 23.3mm) to fit in most standard type holders but can also be manufactured to any size to fit your existing equipment.

Please contact us today to see how we can help you make your mark using brass type and dies.