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Brass Hot Stamp Logo Printing for Leather

Posted by Matt Martin

Vianel Studios has a tough hot stamping application. They need very refined, detailed, custom made, brass hot stamping type and dies to stamp small leather goods. Sounds pretty straight forward until they throw in the fact that they need to turn around these complex dies in a week or less. 

brass-hot-stamping-dies-for-stamping-logo-on-leatherNicole Horsford-Holley, Senior Production Manager Vianel New York, says that "Durable Technologies always turns around even the most complex brass hot stamping dies in a week. We send them CAD or PDF files with a high level of detail and complexity and within a day they comment on any concerns or questions and then we get our dies right the first time which is critical for us. We sell high-end, luxury leather items to our individual and corporate clients who want their products perfect and they want them fast. Durable Technologies helps us to deliver on that promise."

Vianel New York creates luxury leather cardholders, wallets, iPhone cases, cold weather accessories and notebooks that can be personalized or monogrammed to include detailed logos, an emojii or just about anything else someone can think of to stamp onto and customize their leather accessory.

"We use a classic hand press in the corner of our showroom and like the old school charm of hot stamping the image onto the items. The brass hot stamping dies and type Durable creates for us at a moment's notice help us to make unique and memorable leather goods that help us build our brand and our business," says Mrs.Horsford-Holley.


Our wide variety of brass printers’ type styles will fit any need for monogramming or personalizing in such printers as Kingsley®, Kwikprint®, AAmstamp®, Kensol Franklin®, Jackson®, Gibson®, Howard® and virtually any other hot stamping machine. Typical applications include book bindings, personalization items, ribbons, greeting cards, napkins, matchbooks, labels, leather goods, advertising specialty items and more. Our high quality brass type and dies are a great value since it will far outlast cheap alloys such as zinc and lead type.

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This post was published on March 18, 2015 and updated on January 20, 2017.

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