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Steel Stamping Dies For Stamping Metal Parts

Posted by Matt Martin

steel-stamps-steel-diesStan-Den Tool in Van Buren, AR buys A2 Steel Stamping Dies from Durable Technologies that they use to stamp metal parts for large HVAC manufacturers like Trane and Rheem. 

Brian Hall, Draftsman and Die Maker for Stan-Den Tool, says "We are a tool and die machine shop and we build hand-transfer and progressive complete metal stamping dies. Regularly we need a symbol, text, or number stamped into the parts so we use Durable Technologies custom steel stamping dies. We specify the die pocket size and they cut the stamping dies to our specifications to fit including hold-downs. Whatever we come up with in terms of a design Durable Technologies can make it to our specification. With progressive dies especially there are lots of strange things that can come into play."

"We stamp galvanized sheet metal from 18 to 24 gauge mostly for the HVAC industry so we need a stamping die tool that will last for a high volume of cycles and still leave behind a high-quality, crisp direct part mark. They have always met our needs and have been fair in their pricing as well and we consider them a long-term partner since we have been working with them for over 10 years now."

Durable Technologies' steel stamping dies are custom engineered for identifying a variety of industrial products. Every die blank is skillfully machined to the user's specifications. Our custom dies satisfy any user requirement for marking machines, punch presses, press brakes and other machines. Our custom stamps can be made for marking on flat, curved, concave or convex surfaces - for stamping part numbers, patent numbers, trade names, trademarks, special lettering or other data. Durable Technologies' stamps for steel marking - the best steel marking tools available.

Durable Technologies produces:

  • Embossing Dies
  • Roll Dies
  • Custom Inserts
  • Custom Stamps
  • Custom Dies

Contact Durable Technologies for all of your custom steel die requirements.

This post was published on May 19, 2015 and updated on July 8, 2015.

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