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Letter Number Steel Hand Stamps


Our letter number series steel hand stamps offer users an ideal solution for directly marking static number sequences onto parts.

Why Letter Number Steel Hand Stamps?

letter-number-stampsOur letter number steel hand stamps typically come in two- and three-character configuration (AA, B1, 33, C50, etc.) and are manufactured from high quality, durable steel. These two- and three-character stamps are popular marking solutions for welder identification and quality control for low volume applications.

Steel hand stamps are an excellent solution for low volume applications because they are a long lasting, easy-to-use solution that produces great results. The durability of steel means that the stamp itself will last and offer users a long term marking solution.

Some of the character options available for our letter number series steel hand stamps include sharp face, low stress full (round) character, and low stress dot character. These stamps also come in a variety of character sizes, most commonly 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32", 3/16”, 1/4”, and 3/8.” These options allow users to choose the best size for their application and visibility.

Letter number steel hand stamps are also easy to use. With very little training and the right tools, anyone can create a permanent mark directly into the part that will withstand even harsh or rough environments.

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Learn more about our hand stamps in the new, free Guide to Traditional Industrial Marking! Or contact us to request a quote.

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