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Quick Guide to Electric Branding Irons

Quick Guide to Electric Branding Irons

Electric branding irons are one of the most cost-effective ways to permanently mark nearly any surface material. Aside from glass and metal, branding irons can be used to create custom text, logos, and graphics onto nearly any material.

Some of the most commonly branded materials include wood, plastics, leather, cork, chamois, rubber, particle board, and wall board. An electric branding iron can even be used to mark meats and cheese, which is ideal for artisans looking for an inexpensive way to customize their products.

Electric branding irons offer users a couple of key advantages. First, branding is inexpensive. Even custom branding dies are affordable and long lasting! Second, branding is both quick and relatively easy to do. There is very little set-up necessary, requiring a stable flat surface and source of electricity, and the process of actually branding is surprisingly simple. And, as long as the material you want to mark isn’t glass or metal, branding is versatile. The same branding set up can be used to mark wood just as easily as plastic with some slight modifications and a temperature controller.

Electric Branding Irons in Action

In both of the videos below, you can see how quickly an electric branding iron can be used to leave a permanent, clear mark.

In the first video, we marked black PVC pipe. This is one of the only ways to leave a mark that will be both easy to read and long-lasting because the pipe is both black and headed for a harsh environment.

In the second video, we use an electric branding iron for marking custom graphics and text onto a wooden surface. The resulting brand permanently marks the wood and also produces an aesthetically pleasing mark.

Using an electric branding iron to mark black PVC pipe

Using an electric branding iron to mark wood

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