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Steel Hot Stamping Die Engraving at Jen Manufacturing

Steel Hot Stamping Die Engraving at Jen Manufacturing

Jen Manufacturing of Worcester, MA has been making polyurethane foam brushes for over 50 years. When they need to mark them with a permanent identification mark they turn to Durable Technologies. Jen Manufacturing prides themselves on making the highest quality and most unique polyurethane foam brushes available anywhere. And because they are the best they need a great mark on the brushes: a bad mark is a bad brush. 

steel-hot-stamping-dieJohn Brodeur, Production Manager at Jen Manufacturing, says that "the steel hot stamping dies we get from Durable Technologies are of excellent quality and they get it right the first time. We use the dies to permanently imprint our logo and the brush identification into the wood handles and this becomes our brand mark for our customers so it is critical that it be the best mark it can be. The steel hot stamp dies they provide are designed for use with our hot stamping machine. Durable Technologies has the expertise and experience we require from our suppliers."

Durable Technologies manufactures a variety of steel hot stamp type designed to work in virtually any hot stamping machine. Some applications include book bindings, personalization items, ribbons, greeting cards, napkins, matchbooks, labels, leather goods, advertising specialty items and more. We can also produce any typestyle including custom fonts if a proof or samples are provided. 

We offer same day shipping on stock type (our News Gothic and News Gothic Condensed typestyles). We maintain the largest inventory in the country of all-purpose straight body type in both brass and steel used for a wide variety of hot stamping, coding and imprinting applications.

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